• Loacker

    Biscuits & Wafers

    The name Loacker has become an internationally famous brand, sought after in more than 80 countries. It has gone its own way unswervingly to this day.

  • Lavazza

    Hot Beverages

    Lavazza is a moment of pleasure that symbolises the familiar an emtional bond between coffee lovers and their cup of coffee. So many blends,  but one perfect level of quality of a great italian…

  • Muriel

    Personal Care

    Muriel is  an excellent variety  of products that serve different age segments from child to adult. With its Best formulas and its  pleasant fragrances  and High quality Muriel Line  gained…

  • Zippo


    Mavive is one of the leading companies in Italy; it offers a unique and complete selection of products and has a proven competence in the marketing field.

    It offers several brands under…

  • Clinians


    An heterogeneous target, for who has young skin or for a use in combination with the most specific treatments. Products ideal for a daily face cleansing and moisture, suitable at any age and for…